"Relax. Remember fish. Just Float." (just_float) wrote in seinfeld_icons,
"Relax. Remember fish. Just Float."

Seinfeld Icons!

here's a half-serious, half-humor post. it's pretty colorful, too. hope you enjoy despite my randomness!

I would be so :-D for more friends!

[+] 25 star wars - some humor, some colorful, all general
[+] 5 lost - live together, die alone
[+] 21 seinfeld - humor, classic quotes
[+] 20 x-men:III
[+] 11 summer - general photography, perfect for the season :) by request
82 total


(bantha poodoo)

Obligatory Rules
[+] i really love comments!
[+] plz download them and upload them to your own server!! I pay for mine!!
[+] crediting floating_icons is very nice

check out the new user info
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